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This collection consists of some of my favorite images from West Virginia. Fine art prints, either framed or unframed, and canvas wraps are available for purchase. Click each image for size and pricing information.
Blackwater Canyon covered in snowSnow and ice at Blackwater FallsAutumn Sunset at Lindy PointAutumn at Elakala FallsAutumn in Blackwater CanyonAutumn Color at Blackwater Falls 2Autumn Color at Blackwater Falls 1Falls of Hills Creek (lower 2)Falls of Hills Creek (lower 1)Falls of Hills Creek (middle)The Milky Way and the MeadowMilky Way over the TreesDusk on the Potomac and Great CacaponSnowless Winter Dawn in West VirginiaAutumn at Blackwater Falls 2Autumn at Blackwater Falls 1Blackwater Falls Framed by Autumn FoliageAutumn in Blackwater CanyonThe Bridge and the Falls of ElakalaMoon over Blackwater Canyon