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This collection consists of some of my most recent work. Images in this collection are sorted by date, with the most recent image displayed first. Fine art prints, either framed or unframed, and canvas wraps are available for purchase. Click each image for size and pricing information.
Summer at Portland Head LightBlue Skies Over Portland Head LightSummer Twilight at Otter PointSummer Sunset at Otter PointCadillac Mountain Summer SunriseBass Harbor Head Light Summer TwilightBass Harbor Head Light Summer SunsetBlue Lotus of the NileReady to LaunchJWB_20230704_8545JWB_20230704_8544Sunset over the Southwest Waterfront in Washington, D.C.Spring at Doyles River Falls (horizontal)Spring at Doyles River Falls (vertical)Tranquility on Doyles RiverDuckling eye contactSwimming ducklingShy ducklingMamma duck and baby duck swimmingA mother and two ducklings