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This collection consists of some of my most recent work. Images in this collection are sorted by date, with the most recent image displayed first. Fine art prints, either framed or unframed, and canvas wraps are available for purchase. Click each image for size and pricing information.
New growthCherry blossoms at first lightSpring sunrise at the Tidal BasinSpring dawn at the Tidal BasinSpring twilight at the Tidal BasinBlue JayRuffled FeathersSitting RegallySitting AlertTwo MallardsMetallic Blue BirdFuchsia skies and Capitol Christmas TreeCapitol Christmas ReflectionsAutumn morning at the Tidal BasinAutumn sunrise at the Tidal BasinAutumn cherry trees at the Tidal BasinAutumn twilight at the Tidal BasinAutumn at Boulder BridgeAutumn and RapidsA covered bridge and a red antique truck