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Nature, Landscapes, and Waterfalls
This collection consists of some of my favorite nature and landscape photos. Most of them were taken in Virginia and Maryland. Fine art prints are available for purchase. Click each image for size and pricing information.
Great Falls after a Summer RainDragonfly and a Splash of PinkDragonfly Ready to LaunchDragonfly on the EdgeAmerican Robin, Front ProfileAmerican Robin, Side ProfileFrigid FallsBlackwater Falls Framed by Autumn FoliageAutumn in Blackwater CanyonThe Bridge and the Falls of ElakalaMoon over Blackwater CanyonDusk at Lindy PointColorful Sunset at Lindy PointGiant Black and Yellow Garden SpiderA Sunny Day at Huntley MeadowsBlue Skies Over Big MeadowsSummer in Big MeadowsLow Clouds Over Big MeadowsPatchy Clouds Over ShenandoahForest Light Through the Fog