January birds

January 08, 2021  •  1 Comment

Sitting RegallySitting RegallyA bald eagle sits regally on a bare branch in Washington, D.C.

I recently came across a bald eagle here in Washington, D.C. I was very excited to see it and have my camera with me! I absolutely love raptors, especially bald eagles, and I'm thrilled to have these photos!

Ruffled FeathersRuffled FeathersA bald eagle with ruffled feathers sits on a bare branch in Washington, D.C.

Sitting AlertSitting AlertA bald eagle sits on a bare branch in Washington, D.C.

This bald eagle wasn't the only bird I saw recently. I also came across this blue jay. We don't have a lot of blue jays here in Washington and I'm very fond of of these birds too. I feel very fortunate to get this photo.

Blue JayBlue JayA northern blue jay at rest.

On the other hand, we do have lots of ducks here in Washington. Here are two mallards. I love the coloring of male mallards.

Two MallardsTwo MallardsA male mallard duck and a female mallard duck swim in the Potomac River.

We also have lots of birds of the metallic kind, such as this jetBlue passenger airplane taking off from National Airport.

Metallic Blue BirdMetallic Blue BirdA Jet Blue passenger jet airplane takes off from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

I had no idea that January could be such a great time to shoot birds.

Christmas at the Capitol

December 11, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Capitol Christmas ReflectionsCapitol Christmas ReflectionsEarly morning at the Capitol. The Capitol dome and the 2020 Capitol Christmas Tree are reflected in the Capitol Reflecting Pool. Also visible is the inauguration stage that is under construction.

Every year, I try to shoot the Capitol Christmas Tree. Usually I shoot it just after sunset, when the tree lights are on, but it's not so dark that the sky turns black. This year, I decided to try shooting just before sunrise. However, I wasn't sure whether it would work at that time of day and the overcast sky did not look promising.

When I arrived, the reflecting pool was perfectly placid, creating an amazing mirror image of the Capitol and tree. Then, after taking only two pictures, the wind picked up and destroyed the reflection. I might have packed up to go home then. The cloud cover was discouraging. An overcast sky should have ensured a drab sunrise. Instead, I stuck around and only five minutes later, the sun found a small break in the clouds, right along the horizon, and turned the sky a brilliant fuchsia color.

Fuchsia skies and Capitol Christmas TreeFuchsia skies and Capitol Christmas TreeBrilliant fuchsia skies over the Capitol just before sunrise, featuring the 2020 Capitol Christmas Tree and the inauguration stage under construction.

It was a brilliant sunrise! I'm glad I experimented with the sunrise and stuck it through after the wind picked up. Incidentally, if you look past the Christmas tree, you can see the inauguration stage under construction in the background.

Autumn beauty at the Tidal Basin

November 16, 2020  •  1 Comment

Autumn in Rock Creek Park

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Autumn at Boulder BridgeAutumn at Boulder BridgeAutumn with fall foliage at Boulder Bridge in Rock Creek Park, Washington, D.C.

Autumn is now in full swing here in Washington, D.C. The leaves take a little longer to turn here because the weather stays warm longer. The fall foliage first appears in the north and west and then gradually makes its way here. When it finally arrives, one of the best places to appreciate it is in Rock Creek Park.

Here are two recent photos from Rock Creek Park. The first is of Boulder Bridge and the second is of the rapids just north of Rapids Bridge. I shot them both with a polarizer to get rid of glare from the water. I think they turned out great.

Autumn and RapidsAutumn and RapidsFall foliage and rapids in Rock Creek, Washington, D.C.

Autumn in the Mid-Atlantic

October 18, 2020  •  1 Comment

A walk in the woodsA walk in the woodsA gentle autumn stroll through the woods near Lake Laura in Basye, Virginia.

Autumn is arguably the nicest season in the Mid-Atlantic region. The weather can be very pleasant, with the sun shining and the temperatures being neither too hot, nor too cold. It's a great time to be outside.

I took the photos of the path in the woods near Lake Laura in Basye, Virginia. The covered bridge is Meem's Bottom Covered Bridge, which is near Mount Jackson, Virginia.

Meem's Bottom Covered BridgeMeem's Bottom Covered BridgeMeem's Bottom Covered Bridge near Mount Jackson, Virginia. A covered bridge and a red antique truckA covered bridge and a red antique truckA red antique 1931 pickup truck drives out of Meem's Bottom Covered Bridge near Mount Jackson, Virginia. A beautiful pathA beautiful pathA trail through the woods on a beautiful autumn day near Lake Laura in Basye, Virginia.

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